Change initiatives gone wrong usually start with:

"People will love this new system we're installing, so we don't need change management."

"The project team is involving people in the solution design, so we don't need change management."

"We're designing solutions that are intuitive, so we don't need change management."


Don't get caught in the crossfire of a failed change initiative because you neglected to manage the people side of change. Because you think your new system and/or process is intuitive, and your employees will love it once it's in place, won't make it so. The emotional attachments people have with their processes, and the use of the tools they use will astonish you.

The most successful and sustainable change happens when your employees both know why the change is happening and have a desire to help you get there. 

Do you have the capability on your current project team to get your employees to a place where they desire to help you accomplish your change goal? And are you prepared to mitigate the risks that comes with the resistance you might experience because of this emotional attachment? Trust me, neither of these happen naturally so what are you going to do?

With that said, you might want to rethink your choice to use a change leader. I get that you may not have included full-time assistance in your budget, and that's okay. Great news is, I am available to advise you and the project team, as needed, on important elements of your change initiative.

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Didn't include a full-time change management expert in the budget for your project team? Not a problem! I offer just in time expert advise on the following:

  • Change Impact Assessment

  • Leadership Coaching Plans

  • Stakeholder Engagement Analysis

  • Organizational/Project Readiness

  • Resistance Management Plans

  • Future State - Current State Analysis

  • Organization Design

  • Creating Communications and Training Plans

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