Dr. Rob - The Shark Slayer


Have you ever gone fishing and caught a shark? Well, not to boast (well, maybe a little bit), but I have! And what an experience it was. It happened one sunny morning while out deep sea fishing off the shores of a Cancun resort...my very first time ever fishing, mind you.


While preparing for our trip, we'd playfully say we were going to catch a shark. Who knew we would really catch a shark? And who knew the work that would be involved? Here's what I learned from my deep sea fishing excursion:


1. Catching a shark is a huge scary deal. A huge project that you must commit to once you've started.


2. Once you're in motion there's no turning back, because now you have a very pissed off shark on the other end of that line.


3. Be ready to rock the boat. You will be fighting against a very angry, 2-300 pound fish, who is not going to be taken easily, which leads me to #4.


4. Patience is required. And while waiting, understand that you'll need to make adjustments along the way. When I could no longer hold the line, my significant other had to take over, and even then he had to make changes a few times. And after what seemed like forever, the shark had finally tired itself out.


5. Get as many people involved as necessary. Me and my companion didn't do it alone. The captain and the deckhands also had to help. The deckhands knew way more than we did about slaying a shark, so we listened to what they had to say, and did what they told us to do.


6. Reward those who helped you succeed. Instead of having the shark stuffed, we let the fishermen keep the shark, to sell in the market. 


7. Celebrate your win! 

Shark; blue water; boat