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Is your organization undergoing constant and significant change? Are you in a free fall of chaos because of the nature of the change? Let me help you take the "hard" out of change. My focus is on helping you drive change from your current state to a much more desirable future state. Whether it's an organization restructure, merger or acquisition, or in need of a turnaround before you go bankrupt, I am here to guide you through the process. Let's make change a positive experience for your organization.

Emotions drive change, and that's why at DesignOrg Solutions, I believe in custom-built solutions that take your employees' emotions into account. Excitement can help drive change forward, while anxiety and fear can lead to resistance. Let us help you create a positive and effective workplace transition.

Organizational Change Readiness (Pre-Change Initiative)

  • Navigating Change Workshops

  • Organization/Project Readiness Assessment + Feedback

  • Change Styles Assessment and Workshop

  • Emotional Intelligence Workshops

Change Management (Ideally happens at same time project team is being formed)

  • Change Impact Assessments

  • Stakeholder Analysis + Ongoing Engagement

  • Current/Future State Analysis

  • End-to-End Change Plans 

    • Communications​

    • Training Planning

    • Team Formation/Relationship Building

  • Post Go-Live Adoption and Reinforcement ​

Organization Effectiveness

  • Organization Design and Restructure

  • Business Process Mapping and  Harmonization

  • Leadership Development

Post Change Follow-Up (Post-Change - when employees haven't adopted the change)

  • Stakeholder Analysis 

  • Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Training and Development

  • Post Go-Live Adoption and Reinforcement



I agree, organizational change is often difficult, but your company's growth depends on it. I also know that how successful you are at transforming the company, business division(s), or department(s), will depend largely on the leaders in your organization.


Do employees trust their direct managers? Do your managers, directors, and vps have the emotional intelligence needed to lead employees through your company's transformation? It's important that they do, because how they handle not only the change itself, but their employees' uncertainties and fears, will determine both the level of difficulty you face, and whether your initiatives are successful or not.

Let me help you reduce that difficulty with the following tools:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching

    • Leadership

    • 360s

    • Teams

  • Pearman Personality & Coaching 

To learn more about each, clink on the links below.

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report
Business Meeting


Collaborating at Work


Working from Home


Man Using a Tablet



DesignOrg Solutions

Our missing is to help our clients go home feeling less frustrated, knowing they've made strides in moving their change initiatives forward and in growing.

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