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Taking the "Hard" out of Change



You just closed the deal on an acquisition or merger, and now it's time to integrate. Savvy leaders know that an integration is just one big change project, which needs to be managed. 


If you can't answer this next question quickly and with confidence, then you have a problem that will impact your productivity and your revenue. 


How do you blend two companies together, each with its own personality, culture and way of doing business, to operate as one? 

If you're having trouble answering this question, no problem, we can help by focusing on: 


  • Assessing the impact of change on the NewCo. Not everything can be done at once, so this helps you prioritize change projects, avoiding change saturation, which leads to change fatigue

  • Assessing the readiness of the organization to go through the change process. Employees will decide if they are going to leave the organization or stay. We help those who stay, rebound quicker from the productivity dip you will experience

  • Managing key stakeholder engagement. This provides us information on how each stakeholder should be engaged, as well as helping you understanding whose supports the change effort and who is resisting the effort. 

  • Harmonizing business processes 

  • Redesigning organizational structures, and

  • Coaching leaders through their own transformations



We know your company's growth depends on your willingness to change, and how successful you are at changing will depend largely on the leaders in your organization. Therefore, it's important to make sure you have the right leaders in your organization. 

Two things the executive needs to know about her/his management team during times of change: 1) Do they have the emotional intelligence to lead their teams through times of uncertainty and, 2) What are their change styles - how do they deal with change themselves?


These are important for you to know. So we provide the following assessments and coaching:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching - Leadership & 360 Feedback

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

  • Pearman Personality

Emotional Intelligence Leadership Report
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