Change Management

Increasing the Human-Factor of ROI on Your Next Change Initiative

How Do We Do that?

By helping you:
  • Increase Speed to Adoption
  • Increase Usage of the New Way of Working, and
  • Ensure Proficiency

Who Am I and Why Do I Do What I Do?

I've spent more than 15 years working with organizational leaders in a leadership development capacity and managing post merger & acquisition integrations. 

The skills required to lead post M&A integrations come from being thrown into the fire during time spent at a Fortune 500, who had acquired another popular brand. The result of the acquisition was costly and chaotic. Employees and union leadership were not happy and it showed when this "new" business unit begin losing $800K/month.

The environment was very combative, an "us vs them" environment at its worst. Employees from the acquired company didn't trust the leadership and the leadership didn't do much to build relationships either. As a result, employees didn't come to work and when they did show up they refused to work. Union leadership was uncooperative, and therefore, rarely were past practices, that contradicted best practices and new ways of working, given up.

It took 18 longs months but we were able to turn the business around. What made the difference? The leadership. 

Since leading that project I've learned that most integrations are chaotic, and are usually more work than leadership expects. Bringing two groups of employees together with two different cultures, and managers who aren't prepared to lead employees through change, is difficult. So I've made it my business to work with newly merged companies, and more specifically, coaching managers to help them lead through these uncertain times.

If your company is currently working through an M&A deal I'd love to partner with you to help you with your post integration change management work. 

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I advise companies through their M&A integrations and other large-scale transformations like ERP implementations. This is done by creating end-to-end change management plans, then working with employees, who have been identified as change agents, to implement the change plan.

This plan works well for organizations who realize they need an expert to manage the change, but have not included full-time change management in their project budget.

The Change Management Plan Includes:

  • Change Impact Assessment 

  • Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Organizational Readiness/Project Readiness 

  • Future State - Current State Analysis 

  • Communication & Training

  • Resistance Management Plan

  • Coaching Plan

Assessments & Coaching

We know your company's growth depends on your willingness to change, and how successful you are at changing will depend largely on the leaders in your organization. Therefore, it's important to make sure you have the right leaders in your organization. 

Two things the executive needs to know about her/his management team during times of change: 1) Do they have the emotional intelligence to lead their teams through times of uncertainty and, 2) What are their change styles - how do they deal with change themselves?


These are important for you to know. So we provide the following assessments and coaching:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching

  • 360 Feedback

  • Change Style Indicator Assessment and Coaching



NEO Package $6000

For new managers of people

12 Weeks


PIVOTAL Package $8000

For leaders at the Director/VP level

16 Weeks


EXECUTIVE Package $10,000

For the CEO/President

20 Weeks








Individual Assessment = $300
Group Assessment = $2750 (up to 10 employees)