Change Management

Increasing the Human-Factor of ROI on your next change initiative by increasing speed to adoption, increasing usage of the new way of working, and ensuring proficiency.


Because people problems is the primary reason for large-scale transformation failures, we advise companies through their M&A integrations, restructures, and other large-scale transformations, like ERP implementations.


Our work primarily focuses on assessing the impact of change on organizations, assessing the readiness of the organization to go through the change process, managing leadership engagement, designing and redesigning organizational structures, and coaching leaders through the transformations.

Change Management solutions Include:

  • Conducting Change Impact Assessment 

  • Analyzing Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Analyzing Future State - Current State

  • Creating Communication & Training Plans

  • Creating Resistance Management Plan

  • Coaching Plan

  • Organizational/Project Readiness 

  • Change Navigator Assessment & Feedback

  • Change Styles Indicator Assessment & Coaching


We know your company's growth depends on your willingness to change, and how successful you are at changing will depend largely on the leaders in your organization. Therefore, it's important to make sure you have the right leaders in your organization. 

Two things the executive needs to know about her/his management team during times of change: 1) Do they have the emotional intelligence to lead their teams through times of uncertainty and, 2) What are their change styles - how do they deal with change themselves?


These are important for you to know. So we provide the following assessments and coaching:

  • Emotional Intelligence Assessment & Coaching - Leadership & 360 Feedback

  • Organizational Culture Assessment

  • Pearman Personality