About Dr Robin ML Johnson 


To cut to the chase, which I know you really want anyway. Dr. Rob has spent more than 15 years working with organizational leaders in a leadership development capacity and managing post merger & acquisition integrations. 


The skills required to lead post M&A integrations come from being thrown into the fire during time spent at a Fortune 500, who had acquired another popular brand. The result of the acquisition was costly and chaotic. The employees, and union leadership, of the acquired company were not happy and it showed when this "new" business unit begin losing $800K/month.

The environment was very combative, an "us vs them" environment at its worst. Employees from the acquired company didn't trust the leadership and the leadership didn't do much to build relationships either. As a result, employees didn't come to work and when they did show up they refused work based on their seniority. Union leadership was uncooperative, so rarely were past practices, that contradicted best practices and new ways of working, given up.


It was in this very difficult environment that Dr Rob figured out how to drive change through the people, including the union leadership, and in 18 months, they were able to turn the operation around. 


Dr. Rob, and those who know her, would consider her a great partner when it comes to:

  • Change Management

  • Post M&A Integration Change Leadership 

  • Organizational Culture

  • Organizational Assessment

  • Leadership Coaching

because trust us when we say, lots and lots of her time has been spent working in these areas. 


Lastly, Dr. Rob has a Doctorate of Strategic Leadership degree, with a concentration in Leadership Coaching. So you know, she really has a bona fide expertise in coaching leaders and building coaching-leaders.