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Assessment Overview

As a Leader, I'd want to know how my team adapts to change, and what change personalities I have on the team, resistors or cheerleaders. Well, with the Change Style Indicator you can learn exactly that. 

The Change Style Indicator (CSI) measures an individual's preferred style in approaching and addressing change across a continuum, from Conserver style to Originator style, with the Pragmatist style occupying the middle of the continuum. The closer you are to one end of this continuum, the stronger the preference for a Conserver or Originator approach to change.







The CSI provides you and your team with insights on personal preferences for managing through change, and provides context for how those around you might perceive and respond to your change personality. Feedback from your assessment results will help you:

  • Manage responses to change and its consequences

  • Understand potential pitfalls of each Change Style

  • Understand the sources of emotion and conflict associated with each style

  • Recognize and optimize the contributions that each change style offers to your team and organization

  • Learn specific strategies for communicating across the continuum

There are two types of reports - Individual and Group. The tool is a self-assessment and can be hand scored or scored online. Time commitment is 2.5-hours.

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